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The Lidar Information Engine
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Globalidar is dedicated to provide the best software in lidar data processing and information extraction. We are the provider of Tiffs (Toolbox for Lidar Data Filtering and Forest Studies), a professional software that is highly automatic, very fast, and accurate in generating bare earth models, digital surface models, and extracting forest information from individual trees to regional scales.

Ten reasons to use Tiffs:

1) if you are a layperson of lidar technology,
2) if you are a lidar technical expert,
3) if you are a forester interested in trees,
5) if you are a GISer interested in DEM,
6) if you are getting bored of tuning parameters using your current lidar software,
7) if you are getting tired of editing the laser point cloud,
8) if you want to get the fastest speed in data processing,
9) if you want to achieve the best accuracy,
10) if you want a cool visualization of your lidar data and products.

With Tiffs, lidar data processing and information extraction can never be so easy and fun!  --  throw your data into Tiffs, and you can have a cup of coffee and let Tiffs do the work for you.
A free one-week trial is available now!